7 Anti-Aging Benefits of Bone Broth for the Skin, Hair, and Nails

It’s no secret – many of us would love to look younger. As we age, our hair things out, our skin becomes more wrinkled, and nails become more brittle. However, there are ways to slow down the aging process, keeping us looking youthful and ageless.

Things such as dry and lifeless hair, brittle nails and visibly aging skin can be a result of a lack of nutrients. The body uses vitamins, minerals, and compounds such as collagen to keep our hair, skin, and nails looking their best.

There are always new beauty and anti-aging products hitting the market – from creams to pills to wraps. However, there are several healthier options that are becoming more and more common. One of those newer, more natural options is bone broth.

With several other potential benefits, such as aiding in the proper function of your body’s natural detoxification process and boosting your immune system, bone broth can benefit your body in more ways than one.

Bone broth is loaded with collagen, amino acids, calcium and so much more, which can go a long way towards maintaining a head full of luscious hair, tight and smooth skin, and long, strong nails.

7 Anti-Aging Benefits of Bone Broth for the Skin, Hair, and Nails

1. Bone broth contains collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein which aids in building strong skin. Collagen is what helps our skin maintain its elasticity and structure and also keeps it smooth, therefore preventing wrinkles and early signs of aging. Collagen can be applied topically to the skin, but it is found to be the most beneficial when ingested due to the fact that it is stored in your cells.

The gelatin derived from collagen is also beneficial to your digestive tract. It helps to prevent inflammation from a poor diet or environmental toxins, and as a reuslt, can delay the signs of aging. (1)

2. Bone broth contains protein.

Protein is vital to several things in our body, and bone broth is loaded with it. Protein is considered the building blocks of cells, and is also a vital micronutrient for strong and healthy hair. Your hair, skin, and nails are all composed of proteins.

Protein is used for the construction of new tissue and for tissue repair. It is also the primary substance used to replace dead or worn-out cells. Moreover, protein will help keep your skin blemish-free and smooth, as it aids in replacing dead or worn-out skin cells that lead to dry skin, dark spots and other blemishes. (2)

3. Bone broth contains magnesium.

Magnesium helps keep your body feeling young and energetic. You might notice that the symptoms of low magnesium are similar to those of growing old such as low energy levels, tiredness, low appetite, and low vitality.

Magnesium helps ward off free radicals, therefore preventing premature aging. It is also a great face cleanser, which can help clear up troublesome breakouts without the use of synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

You can also use magnesium for dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing is when you literally brush the dry skin off your face. Try adding a little magnesium oil to a toothbrush and brushing it on your skin. The magnesium will help stimulate the lymphatic system, enhancing the growth of new skin cells.

Magnesium has been shown to combat hair loss as well. According to studies, magnesium deficiency can negatively affect your hair growth and prompt abnormal hair loss. Your hair follicles need magnesium in order to grow and remain strong. (3)

4. Bone broth contains calcium.

Did you know that calcium is just as essential to your hair, skin and nail growth as magnesium? A calcium deficiency can lead to dull hair, brittle nails, and dry and dead skin. Calcium is a vital nutrient for moisturized and healthy skin, as well as strong nails and hair.

But, if you are looking to bump up your calcium intake, look no further than bone broth. Bone broth is made from bones which contain calcium, thereby fortifying the broth with its nutrients.

5. Bone broth contains glycine.

Glycine is one of the amino acids found in bone broth. Glycine supports the liver through the detoxification process, thereby helping the body get rid of harmful toxins that could cause cell degeneration. The detoxification process also helps your body rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails, which could lead to a more youthful appearance.

Glycine has also been found to promote better sleep quality, as it has a relaing and soothing effect on the central nervous system. Since adequate rest plays a part in cell turnover, it’s important to give your body time to recover and rebuild itself if you want to delay the early signs of aging.

6. Bone broth contains proline.

Proline is another amino acid found in bone broth. Proline aids in improving the skin’s elasticity, delaying the appearance wrinkles and fine lines by aiding in the breakdown of the protein for use in your skin. (4)

If you find that your skin is prone to wrinkles and fine lines, it’s important that you look to your diet immediately, as this is the fastest and most effective way to prevent visible signs of aging. It starts from the inside and works its way out, so be sure to monitor any potential food allergens and triggers to avoid skin inflammation.

7. Bone broth contains glycosaminoglycans.

Glycosaminoglycans are another type of amino acid found in bone broth. Glycosaminoglycans are actually made up of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin. This group of amino acids aids in repairing gut issues, which leads to a boost in skin health.


Due to bone broth being loaded down with vital nutrients – all of which are beneficial to your overall health and specifically to your hair, skin, and nails – it’s no surprised that bone broth is touted as having many anti-aging benefits. While there are several nutrients that are vital specifically to your hair, skin, and nails, a big part of anti-aging benefits is maintaining a healthy body overall.

Bone broth offers key nutrients that will aid your body in its detoxification process, cell repair, and nutrient replenishing, therefore leaving you with healthier and stronger hair, skin and nails.

The calcium, protein, collagen, magnesium, and group of amino acids found in bone broth specifically target those beauty areas that many like to keep young and beautiful. Rather than applying something topically or treating these areas with heavy chemical treatments, try consuming a cup of bone broth each day and fortify your body from the inside out. Your body will thank you in the years to come.

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