11 Benefits of Cucumber Water for Weight Loss and Brain Health

Cucumber water has long been one of the most popular detoxifying and weight loss drinks. Considering that water is the best source of hydration to the human body, and that cucumber has such a high water content (about 95 water) it actually makes quite a bit of sense. About 2/3 of the human body is made up of water, which is vital to almost all functions performed within the human body. The cucumber component of the water can also help neutralize free radicals found in the body. This can help cleanse the body and promote further weight loss.

Benefits of Cucumber Water

Proper hydration is important. For most people at least 6-8 glasses per day is recommended. Another rule of thumb for good hydration is that we need about half of our total body weight in ounces of water each day to stay adequately hydrated. Extremely active people may benefit from cucumber water as hydration requirements increase with physical activity due to the fluid loss from sweat.

How to Make Cucumber Water

To make a refreshing cucumber water, simply fill a pitcher with 1 gallon of cold water. Add anywhere between a few slices to one whole cucumber to the gallon of water. The more cucumber that is added to the water the stronger the cucumber taste in the water will be.

Once the cucumber is added, let the water sit for at least an hour so that it can absorb the flavor of the cucumber.

11 Health Benefits of Cucumber Water

1. Cucumber Water Supports Your Digestive Health

There are two basic things your body needs to maintain its best possibly digestive health, and both of these are found in cucumber. They are water and fiber. For those who have acid reflux, eating water-rich cucumbers has the same effects on the body as drinking water as it can help bring the stomach’s pH levels up until symptoms subside. (1)

2. Cucumber Water Can Aid In Weight Loss

Replace other sugary sodas, iced teas, juices with various flavored waters including cucumber water. You will help your weight loss by saving massive amounts of calories that are in those sugary drinks.

Staying hydrated by consuming an adequate amount of water will also let you know when your body is truly hungry and in need of sustenance or if it was just dehydrated. Consuming just the right amount of calories means that there is no excess to be stored as fat, and therefore can help you shed even more pounds. This will further your weight loss efforts. (3)

3. Cucumber Water Can Help Ease the Aging Process

Cucumbers are high in antioxidants which neutralize free radicals within the human body and help delay the effects of aging. These antioxidants can also help the body fight disease, which can in turn, help keep you healthy for longer as well. Cholrophyll and pheophytins were found in cucumber peel and contain a higher concentration of antioxidant activity than Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone. (4)

4. Cucumber Water Can Promote Brain Health

The cucumber’s seeds are rich in copper which help promote overall brain function. Frequently consuming cucumber seeds can also reduce stress and improve overall brain function. The compound fisetin can be found in many fruits and vegetables but is especially concentrated in cucumbers and strawberries, is effective in preventing memory loss. (5)

5. Cucumber Water May Help Cure Diabetes and Reduce Cholesterol

Sipping cucumber juice provides the body with a natural remedy by providing hormones needed to help the pancreas produce insulin to help diabetic patients. Cucumber juice also contains sterols which may help reduce cholesterol levels in some patients. (7)

6. Cucumber Water Helps Prevent Your Brain From Neurological Diseases

Like mentioned above, cucumbers contain fisetin which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that plays a vital role in the brain’s overall functioning and health. Fisetin has the ability to help ward off age-related neurological disorders and has been shown to help maintain and improve cognitive functioning abilities in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. (8)

7. Cucumber Water Supports Bone Health

Cucumbers have a great supply of Vitamin K which could help reduce the risk of stress fractures in bones. Vitamin K also helps bones absorb calcium which keeps them strong and ward off issues like osteoporosis that often set in with age. (9)

8. Cucumber Water May Help Promote Healthy Skin

No matter what stage we are at in our lives, skin is an organ that can be particularly troublesome. Millions of Americans suffer from acne during adolescence and adulthood, and wrinkles can appear at young ages. Cucumber water can help to keep your skin healthy, no matter what your age. Hydrated skin means healthy looking, soft, and glowing skin, and plenty of water can help reduce the appearance of acne and wrinkles.

The high levels of silica in cucumbers help to improve collagen levels in the skin, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin and prevents wrinkles. Proper hydration and the high silica also help to aid in digestion, which in turn helps to remove toxins properly so toxins do not try to escape through the skin.

9. Cucumber Water Can Stave Off Bad Breath

Halitosis, while not inherently dangerous, can be quite an embarrassing condition. While it is nothing more than bad breath, sufferers go to great lengths to ensure that this condition is masked or managed. Cucumber water is a fantastic way to help prevent bad breath without needing to mask with mints or chewing gum. (10)

Staying properly hydrated helps to keep stomach acid at a healthy level, which can be a huge cause of bad breath. Cucumber is also high in Vitamin C, which helps to kill bacteria in the mouth.

10. Cucumber Water Is Full Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are incredibly important phytochemicals found in various plants. Cucumbers are full of two specifics antioxidants, Vitamin C and beta-carotene, which help to fight off various types of cancers, including prostate, uterine, and breast cancers. Antioxidants can also help to fend off several life threatening conditions and diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. (11)

11. Cucumber Water May Lower Blood Pressure

Millions of Americans suffer from elevated blood pressure, and when left untreated, can lead to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

Cucumber water helps to lower high blood pressure through the following: Water naturally thins the blood, which means that blood passes more easily through the arteries and veins, reducing blood pressure. (12) When properly hydrated, the body does not need to retain sodium in order to get enough fluids, and sodium raises high blood pressure. Cucumbers are also high in potassium, which helps to further lower blood pressure.

How To Pick The Best Cucumbers

Cucumber can be found in any grocery store, but it is important to pick the right cucumber, particularly when you are consuming this vegetable on a daily basis. Cucumbers are on what is known as the Dirty Dozen list, which is released annually by the Environmental Working Group. The Dirty Dozen are twelve fruits and vegetables that have higher levels of pesticides than average produce. Cucumbers rank twelfth and many samples contain at least one pesticide.

Shopping for organic produce ensures that your cucumbers are not laden with toxins. If you are unable to shop organic, make sure to remove the skin, as most of the pesticides are trapped in the skin.


The benefits of cucumber can be virtually endless especially since cucumbers are high in many vitamins, minerals, and compounds the body needs to function properly. All of this is offered at the expense of only 16 calories per cup.

Cucumber is also high in water content which helps with promoting hydration. Adding cucumbers to water, which is the best option for hydrating the human body helps provide a detoxifying and property that the body needs to maintain optional health. All the nutrients in the cucumbers also provide added benefits to the delicious refreshing beverage you are about to enjoy.

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