6 Benefits To Running a Mile in the Morning

Running is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise for people all over the world and for good reason. It is relatively cheap, considering the only major expense is a pair of good running shoes to avoid injury and discomfort. Additionally, the proper running attire will help to keep you comfortable and wick sweat away from your body. Running has a variety of benefits that regular runners enjoy such as weight loss, weight maintenance, improved bone health, improved lean muscle mass, and improved mental health and memory from the increase in performance.

Benefits of Running a Mile

Those who run in the morning may enjoy extra benefits such as the six benefits outlined below.

1. Running in the Morning Jumpstarts Your Metabolism

Whether you are running in the morning before or after breakfast, your metabolism will get a boost from running in the morning. During a workout, the body burns both fat and protein and the effects last throughout the day. The more muscle you build during the course of your workout regimen, the more fat you will burn both at rest and during a workout. (1)

If you are prone to low blood sugar in the morning, especially those who are in a prolonged fasted state, make sure to have a small snack before going out for your run. This will help prevent the body from going into a hypoglycemic state. Make sure you are adequately hydrated for the run to keep your metabolism going strong post-workout.

2. Running in the Morning Reduces Risk of Respiratory Illnesses

Unfortunately, many of those who are looking to get a great workout from running have to face the consequences of breathing polluted air or are confined to a treadmill, particularly if they are living in a large city.

Runners who suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses should avoid running in polluted areas as it may trigger attacks. Training in the morning before the daily commute is good time to run since there will be less air pollution. It’s always best to avoid running in polluted areas to reduce the risk of developing asthma, heart disease, and other cardiovascular ailments. (2)

3. Morning Runs Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a concern that affects almost everyone around the world in one way or another. Not managing stress levels can cause cardiovascular problems, mental health issues, diabetes, and obesity.

There are many different methods to relieve stress but one of the best ways is through running. It brings together a combination of exercise, meditation, and floods the body with endorphins. (3)

Morning runs are a great way to start your morning right before encountering all the stressors during your daily activities at work or at school. Additionally, personal trainers claim that when you are able to run in the morning, you feel more accomplished and ready to face other goals you might need to meet throughout the day.

4. Running in the Morning Can Help Regulate Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that affects millions of people each year and if left untreated, it can lead to heart attack, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases.

One of the best ways to lower high blood pressure is to do aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise helps lower cholesterol as well as the risk of heart disease (4). Those who run in the morning have the benefit of dropping their blood pressure before daily activities start.

5. Running in the Morning Helps Wake You Up

For those who do not enjoy waking up early in the morning and would much rather stay in bed and snooze,, it can be incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to get up and go out for a run.. However, once you start your morning run, you will instantly feel more awake as your brain kicks in and your muscles are stretched out and feeling limber.

Additionally, those who feel tired and dehydrated from a couple of alcoholic drinks the night before, extra blood flow from running in the morning and fresh air will help wake you up preparing you for the rest of the day.

6. Running in the Morning Helps Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is an extremely complex system that plays an essential part in overall good health. Running can be a doubled edged sword when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Long distance runners that train regularly for marathons tend to have compromised immune systems compared to those who train for short-distance running. This is due to the fact that long runs tend to add stress to the body especially when training is rigorous.

However, increased body temperature during runs mimics a fever, which helps to kill bacteria in the body. The release of endorphins will help decrease stress hormones in the body, which can aid in boosting the immune system..

What is the Best Way to Start Running?

Always remember to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine especially if you have heart or joint concerns. Engaging in a new running program may exasperate these issues.. It is important to ensure that you are taking an adequate number of days per week for rest to avoid injury and to reduce fatigue. Finding a workout buddy or a canine friend to accompany you on your runs can also help prevent frustration or the urge to quit on your routine.

For beginners, try doing intervals of walking and running for twenty to thirty minutes. Slowly increase the duration of your running training time to progress. Increase mileage at your own pace until you reach the desired distance suited for your goals.


Running is a fantastic way to lose weight and stay in shape, and has many different benefits that millions of people enjoy every single day. While it is important to start small in any kind of workout routine, even beginners to running find that they reap the benefits of running very quickly.

It may seem difficult at first to get up earlier than you normally start your day to go for a run, especially if you are not a morning person, it is said that it takes twenty-one days to create a new habit for yourself, so make sure you stick with your new running routine for at least three weeks. After that, waking up and running in the morning will be second nature, and you will reap running’s many benefits.

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