10 Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Healthy Skin and Body

The Himalayas are the highest mountains on the planet, spanning 2400 kilometers traversing Asia at the merging of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. Not known to many, this same area some hundreds of million years ago was a prehistoric sea. Inside that primordial body of water was a flawless, virgin ecosystem. Tectonic shifts over the centuries forced the Himalayas upwards, causing the sea to evaporate, resulting in Himalayan pink salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

This most untainted of sea salts, through its manner of creation, is arguably one of the finest sources of natural minerals on earth, and it is many times healthier than processed and bleached table salt that we are used to.

10 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

1. Himalayan Pink Salt Baths are Great for Soaking Up Minerals Through Dermal Absorption

Soaking in baths is a great way to unwind at the same time fill the body with minerals through dermal absorption. The skin is soothed and hydrated from the water, while minerals are processed through the skin in a manner superior to oral administration in certain situations.

Since it has so many of the various minerals our bodies require to sustain good health, Himalayan pink salt is one of the best, if not THE best addition you can make to your bathroom necessities. (1)

2. Himalayan Pink Salt May Soothe Muscle Soreness and Cramps

Himalayan pink salt plus a warm bath are keys to calming tense and sore muscles. If muscle cramps are bothering you, the magnesium, in addition to other trace minerals present in Himalayan pink sal,t are absorbed through the skin which assits in healing injufred muscle tissue, as well as helping in recovery and rebuilding. Its minerals likewise help to strengthen bones, connective tissues and skin, which if neglected, may all contribute to general soreness. (2)

3. Himalayan Pink Salt May Enhance Body Strength

Most of the minerals present in Himalayan pink salt are also integral for sustaining bones and connective tissues, in addition to muscle regeneration, function and proper blood circulation.

If you are predisposed to mental fatigue, cold extremities, muscle knots, broken bones or arthritis, consistently using Himalayan pink salt through soaking or cooking may help in promoting overall health and wellness.

4. Himalayan Pink Salt May Be Used as an Air Purifier

One can likewise use Himalayan pink salt to cleanse the air. If you have seen a large looking pink crystal lamp on a desk or table somewhere, you have seen this unusual-looking air purifier.

Himalayan pink salt may act as an air purifier because of its natural ability to draw moisture from its immediate vicinity and into the salt. Heat generated by the bulb swiftly evaporates the water, however all toxins that were carried in the moisture are not returned, as they are confined by the salt ions. (4)

5. Himalayan Pink Salt May Help with Sinus Irrigation

Anyone who has tried using a Neti pot more or less knows how efficiently salt water can help to declog our sinuses. Utilizing a saline solution with Himalayan pink salt in your Neti pot is an even healthier option.

It is effective because it neutralizes bacteria and sticks to most contaminants that have gotten clogged in the nasal cavities because of breathing contaminated air. If Neti pots or sinus irrigation is not something you do regularly, you can also opt for a Himalayan pink salt inhaler as an alternative. (5)

6. Himalayan Pink Salt May Help Provide Electrolytes and Manage Hydration

When taking sole (‘solay’), which is a mixture of water and Himalayan pink salt, you are giving your body electrolytes which help in managing water levels in the body. Electrolytes and water combined, are more quickly absorbed than either one taken individually.

Himalayan pink salt is approximately 85% sodium chloride, while the remaining 15% composed of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All these minerals are electrolytes that are essential for proper body function, or more particularly, for optimal body fluid regulation. Making sole with Himalayan pink salt is like making your own ideal sports cocktail. (6)

7. Himalayan Pink Salt May Help in Controlling Hypertension

Due to its elevated sodium content, claims that Himalayan pink salt has the power to lower blood pressure levels seems improbable. We all know that excessive salt makes your BP shoot-up. However, when all-natural Himalayan pink salt is used instead of processed table salt, the body actually becomes more efficient at processing minerals.

Our bodies will not require as much water to filter the excess sodium, hence you will not retain as much water. Keep in mind that natural is always superior to processed and that rule holds true for salt.

8. Himalayan Pink Salt May Regulate pH level and Manage Acid Reflux

Unbalanced pH is an issue for countless people, and it can lead to all sorts of health problems, from unwanted weight gain to immune deficiency.

Find out your pH levels using test strips. For reference, urine is around 6.5 in the morning. Saliva on the other hand, is anywhere between 6.5 to 7.5 the whole day. (7)

Most people with a pH imbalance have a tendency toward acidity or a lower pH number and can remedy this issue quite easily by drinking sole made from Himalayan pink salt. Incidentally due to its alkalinity, sole created with Himalayan pink salt can also be effective as an antacid. Simply combine around a teaspoon in a glass of tap water and drink to counteract excessive stomach acid.

9. Himalayan Pink Salt May Enhance Digestion

Nutrients present in Himalayan pink salt have the capacity to improve the absorption of other nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Using Himalayan pink salt will help you digest your food much more efficiently. Improved digestion translates to less hungry pangs, which is great news for weight watchers.

10. Himalayan Pink Salt Salt May Aid in Detoxification

When Himalayan pink salt is mixed into warm water for a bath, it not only contribute much required nutrients to the body. Himalayan pink salt also acts as a strong detoxifier.

Once dissolved in water, it turns into an ionic substance that aids at drawing lingering toxins out of adipose tissue and skin. This procedure, along with the healing infusion of minerals provided by a Himalayan pink salt bath, will have you both energized and refreshed. (10)


Heard enough? Himalayan pink salt should be something to add to your diet. From improved blood circulation to managing hypertension, there are plenty of reasons to check out Himalayan pink salt.

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